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FAQ: GOT A question?

Here are some of the questions we are asked daily!

Some of the classics... 

Driver age

We cover 23 - 70 years. Our excess is £1000 + VAT, but for 23/24 the young driver excess is £1200 + VAT in case of damages or insurance claim. You can only drive our vehicles if you have held a full licence for minimum two years, no exceptions.

what is your cancellation policy?

In the event that you need to cancel for ANY reason (including COVID or gig cancellation by any other means) you will be refunded in FULL as long as we receive 7 full days notice from start of hire (notice begins once we receive your cancellation email within advertised business hours. Out of hours text message does not count so please email us).

If an email cancellation notice is received 48hrs - 7 days prior to hire commencing, you will receive a full refund of anything paid, minus your reservation deposit (£50 +VAT (£60) or 10%, whichever is higher)

Under 48hrs notice or at any point during your hire you will lose the first or following 7 days hire fee but be reimbursed anything further than that


Please return your vehicle with the same amount of fuel as when you collected - otherwise we charge £10 + VAT  top-up fee, plus cost of fuel. Also you should top up the Adblue if your vehicle uses it (all our vehicles except Peugeot)

what is adblue?

It's a diesel fuel additive which enables lower carbon emissions. Non compliant vehicles are unable to access some EU cities without it, most others will be charged a daily fee. ALL of our vehicles are Euro-6 engines, therefore no emission zone fees are charged currently (this may change in future). You are responsible for the fuel you use on your journey, and therefore also the Adblue. Please return with the same amount as you received when you collected your vehicle - otherwise the £10 + VAT top-up charge applies, plus cost of fluid. As an example: ULEZ London fee is £12.50 per day, whereas 10 litres of Adblue should be around £12-20 and will be enough for a few thousand miles of low-carbon travel. 

can we rent from you on sunday?

No sorry we are closed on Sundays. You will need to collect & rent from Saturday (see below)

Can we rent from you on Saturday?

Of course - but if you take a vehicle for Saturday you will also need to pay for Sunday. We are only open Saturdays by appointment from 10am - 12pm. If you wish to pick up later on a Sat, please inform us as soon as possible. The minimum charge if you pickup on Saturday is two days rental, and you can return any time up until 10am Monday morning.

What about bank holiday weekends?

If you hire on the Saturday of a bank holiday weekend, as above you will need to pay for it until our business re-opens, therefore if its a Bank Holiday Monday you would pay three days and return any time up to 10am Tuesday.

Do you offer drivers?

Absolutely! Please just treat them like humans, not machines. Provide them with catering / food / water / coffee so they can transport you as safely as possible and they will do the rest. Contact us for a quote.

Can we drop our vehicle off out of office hours? 

You can drop off at any point 24/7 at our key drop location in Bethnal Green E2, there is plenty of on-street parking. If you prefer to return to our office in Forest Gate, let us know. It can be a little tricky returning there when we are unmanned.

DO YOU OFFER a pre-10am collection/pickup the night before?

Whilst this isn't standard practice, it can sometimes be arranged subject to availability of the vehicle at your chosen time. There will usually be a cost associated with this, but please feel free to ask us the day before your hire starts, we might be able to give you the van the evening before if it works out.

We are worried about damage repair costs, do you offer a waiver?

We can point you in the right direction of an insurance excess waiver, but we do not sell them ourselves as they are provided by insurance companies not the hire company. Most big hire companies take the risk and have their own repairers, the charges per day can be extravagant. Online waiver companies we recommend are around £40 - 50 per year and cover you at any car hire company across EU, even covering multiple drivers usually 8-9. There are some handy links to providers on all our invoices - so don't risk a big repair bill as our excess is £1000 + VAT 


Extra drivers - is there a cost?

No! We offer additional drivers at no extra cost. Within reason, there is no limit to the number, but obviously it can be time consuming doing licence checks so fair use applies

Travelling into the EU - help!

Don't worry, all our vehicles are fully insured for EU travel and come with AA Roadside EU assistance - at no extra cost. Touring bands, please check if you need an ATA Carnet for your backline, if you are renting backline from us you will need one and do not forget your GMR too as it is a new requirement.

cleaning fees

It's only very rare circumstances that we charge for cleaning. However, many people think since the vehicle isn't theirs that they can trash it as 'its a hire vehicle'. This is not the case. We will charge for pet hair (you must ask permission before carrying animals!), mud, milk spills, sticky residues, smoking or smoking related material left in the van. We've also had a lot of vehicles returned full of rubbish - please take your bottles & trash out before you drop off, it costs us money to dispose of commercial waste and we may have to pass these costs on.

where do I pick up from?

Please check with us as we have a location in Bethnal Green which some hirers return to out of hours, and we can usually use that for pickup location. If you prefer Forest Gated E7 0AB please advise us as early on in the booking process as possible

Can i leave my car?

Usually no, as we have limited parking facilities but feel free to ask and we will advise which pickup address would be best if you need to leave a car. We sometimes can offer paid parking permits but these again are limited. Public transport network at both our pickup locations is second to none.

can I extend my hire once I’ve paid or whilst I’m out on hire?

If the vehicle is available then yes, if it is not then we might offer you a 'van swap' option.

Do you deliver & collect?

We can deliver anywhere in UK / EU but of course this is chargeable. Give us as much info as possible if you would like a delivery, with at least an address, date and time - with an earliest & latest time frame option would be helpful as we can't always deliver at an accurate time.

Can i pay over the phone by card?

We much prefer BACS, and we actually ask you to pay using that method if you are a UK based company. We don't take card payments by phone, however you will need to leave card details for your hire as a form of security. You can pay by card but you must make us aware as some cards require a small charge (up to 3%) to be added. If you would like to pay by card just let us know if using a personal or business, credit or debit, UK registered or not. There will be a card payment link on your invoice but be aware we may revise your invoice and re-send if there are fees required.


Why do you need our card details?

For security in case you do not return our vehicle as required (damaged, not refuelled etc). We don't charge your card unless you have outstanding money owed and we have exhausted all methods to get hold of you, we feel very strongly about this as we are well aware of how trigger-happy the big high street car hire companies can be with your credit cards left on file. We will send you a quote for any repairs or charges.

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